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United Kingdom

Acoustic studio session 28/06/19

We went into the studio with the purpose of doing a live acoustic recording in a live lounge style, as we often rehearse like this and have played this way on some local radio stations. We wanted to catch the sound, vibe and energy of the moment.

We recorded at our friend Russ Hayes' studio in Penmaenmawr, North Wales. Russ set up the mics, and we played. All the tracks were recorded in one take, a totally live session.

We recorded 10 songs from our originals repertoire and the running order is below;

1. Can’t Stop Loving You (Sonic Smile Album 2017) 3.31

2. A Girl Like You (Sonic Smile Album 2017) 4.31

3. Hero (Restless Soul EP 2014) 4.25

4. I’m Not Running Away (Sonic Smile Album 2017) 4.59

5. Lay It On Me (Sonic Smile Album 2017) 3.39

6. Save Me (Single 2015) 4.35

7. The Last Goodbye (A Better Day EP 2014) 3.15

8. The Reason I Love You (Restless Soul EP 2014) 3.47

9. Touch The Sky (Restless Soul EP 2014) 4.25

10. You Are The One (Sonic Smile Album 2017) 4.19

We are going to put the recordings out as an unplugged acoustic album very soon.