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Jamie Porter Band are a 3 piece original blues rock band from North Wales.

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Jamie Porter Band - Ready For Action 2020 (Lyric Video)


Jamie Porter - Guitar/Vocals.    

Danny Porter - Bass/Vocals/Keys.
Peter Kearton - Drums/Vocals.



Jamie Porter Band are a 3 piece original classic/blues rock band from North Wales and are Jamie Porter (Guitar/Vocals), Danny Porter (Bass/Vocals),Peter Kearton (Drums/Vocals), occasionally joined by other musicians live.

The Jamie Porter Band originally came together as a live band for Jamie's song writing projects in 2014 and has previously self-released 2 EP's, 2 singles and 2 albums. (See Discography)

It is a brand new line-up for the band with Pete joining in September 2019.

 The band’s live sound gives the listener big riffs, infectious hooks and catchy choruses with big harmonies and plenty of opportunity for audience participation combined with active and energetic approach to their performance.


Described as '...feel good anthemic blues/country rock..' in an album review in Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine (Issue 207 April 2018), influences are taken from a variety of blues, country and classic rock influences.

Music has been played on independent and local rock radio/radio shows across the UK over the past few years, including plays from the ‘Sonic Smile’ album on Wyatt's New Rock Show on Planet Rock and has also been used on some TV shows on Channel 4.

The band has played numerous local venues and events and has notably supported Hog Jaw at the Live Rooms in Chester in 2018 and more recently opened for Focus the band at The Tivoli Venue in Buckley North Wales during their UK tour in September 2019.

With rehearsals in full swing and with new music on the way, they are looking forward to taking the music to a wider audience.

2020 sees the release of new music with the first single 'Ready For Action' released on 21/02/20.



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Live Performance Video

More videos available on the website Video Page or YouTube

Live Acoustic Song from 'Live & Unplugged' Acoustic Album (lyric video)

More videos available on the website Video Page or YouTube


Campbell Stewart – DJ My Rock Radio (Save Me Single 2017)

“…really like this song, it's a classic power ballad, I reckon it wouldn't be out of place on an Aerosmith or G'n'R album! Can you imagine the video with Slash playing that solo?”

“...a unique mix of Country, Rock and Blues…the music is just pure, honest and damn right good.’


“...one of the best songs of last summer - in fact any Summer - namely ‘Sound of The Summer’ by the Jamie Porter Band.”


“Featuring one of our favourite songs of the year - ‘Sound of the Summer’ - nine tracks make up the Jamie Porter Band’s cracking album that starts with the gritty rock of the hooky ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ and doesn’t give up from there…’Lay It On Me’ with its gruff guitars closes the LP with energy. A great retro-sounding rock listen that fits in with the original sounds of ACDC, Bon Jovi and the like. (7.5/10)"

KBPS Blog Review.

""Lay It On Me!" ... A strong number that just screams, "Listen up folks, this is what rock's all about!"- is filled with some really infectious guitar hooks & a rhythm section so solid that this track must feature very heavily in Simon Cowell's worst nightmare!"


“Once in a while you hear a song that transports you into the world of an MTV video.  You know the one: you are riding the American highway in an open top car on the way to a summer festival, sat next to a cute girl, stereo on eleven, and you are belting your heart out to the catchiest chorus.  It's always sunny, and no-one will ever grow old. Well, today folks there are some new kids on the block and those tunes all come together beautifully on 'Sonic Smile' , the fabulous debut album by Jamie Porter Band.  What they have achieved with this collection of songs is really something quite special: feel good anthemic blues/country rock of the highest order, songs that would not feel out of place in a Bon Jovi set at Hyde Park. Not bad for a chap from a small village in the depths of North Wales. The riffs and choruses will remind you of the first time you went to see Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty..and the stand out tracks, ‘Can’t stop loving you’, ‘Remember Yesterday’, ‘Everything you do’ and ‘Sound of the summer’...will have you singing along on the first listen.”


Jamie Porter Band – ‘Sonic Smile’ Album Review 
Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine – April 2018

"Perhaps you've been lucky enough to see them live at various festivals and events across Wales, but if not, I'd suggest you listen to this album and enjoy the passion and the superb musicianship this band can produce."

Sonic Smile Album Review

Welsh Country Magazine

“…a good old fashioned Rock album, pulling no punches and delivers superbly. His sound is very reminiscent of Springsteen in some quarters plus with a mixture of Country and Americana thrown into the mix.”

Robs Raw Music Blog.
(No 10 Album 2017)